Past Jobs



  • Redactado: adapted version of for Argentine online media. (Django, Python, git, lxml, BeautifulSoup, Twitter Bootstrap)
  • : design and development of transportation map and trip search for Buenos Aires. (Google Maps API, Google Charts API, jQuery, Python, Google App Engine).
  • : design and development of a sports predictions game. (PHP, Zend Framework).


  • Calendiario: visualization using a calendar layout to display the front pages available at ImageMagick to shrink and stich the images. Python for scraping and scripts. Flask for the development site, Bootstrap to make it look good and Frozen Flask to generate the static pages.
  • Mapaverde: a map showing tree density in Buenos Aires using data provided by the city open data office and working with several GIS tools (Quantum Gis, PostGIS, TileMill and Leaflet) more details in this blog post (spanish)
  • Twitter bots: playing with twitter API I’ve built 4 “singing” robots (@gardelbot, @ro_bot_dylan, @bot_marley and @p_funk_bot) using Python
  • Spanish translation of Redirection, a WordPress plugin useful for site migrations, it redirects old links to the new ones.